Las Cabañas. Enclave located in the park of cork oak, consists of 3 buildings made 100% in wood. 
It is, perhaps, one of the best opportunities to stay in Tarifa, surrounded by nature and in turn only 2 km from the great Playa de los Lances.

In the area where it is located, you can enjoy walks around the area with the possibility of seeing many types of fauna that cross the strait yearly with their aim to emigrate. At only 800 meters you have a viewpoint to see the flying fauna if your terrace was not satisfied.

As one of the most precious activities by our customers, you have miles of trails to go further into the park and live nature in its maximum splendor, whether with horse rental, quads, among others.

Without less appreciating its beaches, the enclave is located 20 min walk from: Kilometers of “Calas-beach” for walking and enjoy one of the best sensations that you can have in the relaxing coves of Tarifa. It is also possible to access them by car only 1 min from your accommodation.

If your goal is not just to relax, do not forget that our beaches are also the target of many tourists for the unparalleled practice of Kite-Surf or Surf as a sport. The great beach of the lances is at your disposal.

To finish and not least, next to your accommodation, you have a Garden area perfectly oriented for games or sunbathing during the day; Or enjoy the place at night, being delighted by an unrivaled view of stars in this splendid night sky that surrounds them.